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Bunny & Pirates Bazaar

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Bunny & Pirates Bazaar

Your local quirky marketplace for Craft Beer, Snacks, Fishing, Beach & Coastal Treasures

·        Fishing Gear & Rentals
·        Beach Supplies
·        Coastal Furniture
·        Seaside Decor
·        T-Shirts & Hats
·        Gifts & Souvenirs
·        Salty Treasures
·        Craft Beer (GF Options
·        Wine
·        Boar’s Head Cheese, Salami, & Hummus
·        Ice
·        Snacks, Crackers & Drinks (GF Options)
·        Cigars & Smokes
·        Convenience Items
·        Tasty Fare

Arrrg, your treasure is here!
Craft Beer, Wine, (sorry no rum!), Snacks & Ice, Gifts, Coastal Furniture, Seaside Decor, Fishing Gear & Fishing Rentals, Beach Supplies, (maybe some bunny ears), Gifts and one-of-kind booty from Bunny & Pirates coastal explorations!

The Tale of Bunny & Pirate
Many, many, moons ago in another lifetime, Pirate sailed the mystical seas, collecting valuable treasures from the most alluring corners of the world. Bunny, a mermaid magically born with rabbit ears, explored the mysteries beneath the ocean’s sparkling surface, collecting life’s intangible bounty. One magnetic evening under a full red moon, Pirate anchored in a beautiful cove off the coast of an exotic Caribbean island. As he was sipping rum as pirates do and sorting through the day’s loot, he spotted Bunny dancing on the water’s moonlit surface. He rubbed his eyes as if to sober himself from this drunken fantasy of mermaids in bunny ears. Yet, there she was, otherworldly. Bunny saw the strange pirate man watching her swim and for reasons only known to love at first sight, they met under the moon’s invite. Bunny took Priate to the ocean’s floor, sharing her underwater world of wonder and familiarity. This bond between them would last over lifetimes of space and season; bringing them to modern day, sharing their mutual love of the ocean’s treasures with the world in one of their most adored spots near Coquina and Cortez.


Bunny and Pirates
12404 Cortez Road W

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Bunny & Pirates Bazaar

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